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    "Earl Grey" was named  after the British Prime Minister of the day , Charles Grey. The distinctive taste is created by infusing black tea with the oil of the Bergamot Orange.

    At TanLong Tea, we insist only use the highest grade tea leaves for tea blending! 

    This Earl Grey is made with all-natural (one tea bud and two leaves) full leaf Black Tea from Yunnan(Birth Place of Tea) blend with a roasted black tea, and then infused with natural Bergamot oil.

    It delivers toasted nuts notes and orange aroma. We received lots of good feedback from customers who tried this tea before. Many of them think this tea is so different from the Earl Grey that they use to drink from the market place!

    The Tea soup itself is very strong and very long lasting; the colour is still rich after multiple infusions.

    This black tea's liquor is bright in amber colour, exhibits a floral scent and sweet chestnut taste.

    Cheaper varieties of black tea produce a darker liquor and can be very bitter.This black tea is made of the old big leaf tea trees, which contain richer content of poly phenol, contributes to the strong aromatic taste. It doesn't turn bitter even after a long steep.


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