• 2012 Spring of the Snow Mountain Ancient Tree Puer (雪山春韻古樹茶) 50g, 60cups+

    TanLong Ancient Tea collection

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  • Description

    The Great Snow Mountain Wild Grown Puer Green Tea 

    Grew in the YunNan BangMa(Horse Back) Snow Mountain region

    The ancient tea trees are wild grown , Untouched by pollution 

    We collect the raw tea leafs directly from the tea farmers who live in the mountain remote area for centuries. 

    Every early spring, tea farmers climb up into the wild tea forest. To collect the wild tea leaves on 5 meters tall tea trees, tea farmers have to climb on the ladder to do so.

    We care about your health and ours, may this ancient tea tree's tea bring you longevity and good health. 



    • May help weight reduction
    • May improve digestion 
    • Anti-oxidation
    • May help lowering blood pressure  


    How to prepare

    • Quantity

      1/3 gaiwan, 5g-7g or less
      Water volume: 150ml to 250ml

    • Temperature


    • Steeping Time

      After rinsing, infuse 30 secs;
      add 5 secs to subsequent infusions


  • 2012 Spring of the Snow Mountain Ancient Tree Puer
  • Tea Snow Mountain
  • Snow Mountain tribe

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