• Sweet Dream (Caffeine Free) 50g, 50cups+


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  • Description

    SWEET DREAM  * Caffeine free * No Artificial Flavors *


    This tea is blended with wild grown rose buds. Rose tea has uplifting effect on the nervous system and it may help relieve insomnia and depression. Wild roses contain Vitamin C, pectin, and citric acids, which are good for the skin. 
    Egyptian chamomile and Lavender have been used since Ancient times for their calming and anti-inflammatory properties, and each offer their own additional health benefits. 

    Take a sip, and relax! 

    Ingredients: Egyptian Chamomile, Wild Rose, Lavender



    野生玫瑰花有別於一般的玫瑰, 花蕾顯得更嬌小,香氣更清新



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