• Organic Dragon Well Green Tea (天然龍井) 50g, 50-60 cups


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    Long Jing (龍井) which translates as dragon well is one of China's most celebrated green teas and the most famous of all Chinese teas. This selection is a premium grade of Long Jing from Zhejiang province. Long Jing, which is picked once a year by hand when the leaves and buds are at their smallest and most fragrant stage, is immediately roasted and has a distinctive sword shape. This is a premium tea and highly prized as such in China. Long Jing has high content of vitamin C and anti-oxidants. These leaves are known for their's fragrant and sweet chestnut taste. A tea often enjoyed by royalty upon their visit to China.

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    Zhejiang, China


    Rinse tea ware with hot water. Use one teaspoon per cup. Steep tea leaves in 85°C hot water for 2 min for the first and second infusion. Gradually increase steeping time for later infusions.


    Long Jing also works excellent for preparing cold brewed ice tea. Add a large handful of tea to a jug of cold water. Let sit overnight in the fridge. 

    How to prepare

    • Quantity

      1/2 gaiwan, 5g-7g
      Water volume: 150ml to 250ml

    • Temperature

      or 95ºC, near boiling

    • Steeping Time

      15 secs;
      add 5 secs to subsequent infusions

  • Organic Dragon Well Green Tea
  • Organic Dragon Well Green Tea (天然龍井) 50g, 50-60 cups
  • Organic Dragon Well Green Tea Tree
  • Organic Dragon Well Green Tea

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