• Fruity High Mountain DongDing Taiwan Oolong 20g

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  • Description

    This lightly roasted oolong has beautiful amber colour tea soup with uplifting fruity and floral aroma.

    You can almost smell the fragrance of the Roasted Oolong 1 meter away during the infusion . It is also very long lasting. With only 2 grams of loose tea leaves, it can re-steep for over 7 infusions.

    The fragrance is excellent. At the 7th infusion. The fragrance is still there ! And the soup becomes little sweet with a toasted nuts note.

    This tea is very limited ! 

    Reference: Dong Ding, also spelled Tung-ting, is an oolong tea from Taiwan. A translation of Dong Ding is "Frozen Summit" or "Icy Peak", and is the name of the mountain in Taiwan where the tea is cultivated. Those plants were brought to Taiwan from the Wuyi Mountains in China's Fujian Province about 150 years ago. Wikipedia

    Origin: Nantou, Taiwan
    Other names: Tung-ting

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