• Once the Imperial Tribute Tea- Rare Mystical ManSong Valley 2015 First Flush Old Trees 曼松貢茶2015春

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    This tea is collected from the ManSong Valley in Southern of YunNan, belongs to the YiBang Mountain Tea production region.  The Mountain is 950 meters above sea level.

    Soil of the ManSong valley is so different from other tea production area. The soil on the tea mountain is reddish, it contains very high in PH level and rich in minerals.  

    ManSong Valley Tea production started during the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644), it was an imperial reserved tea production area during the Qing Dynasty (1644–1912) . In the Qing Dynasty, only government officials were allow to enter the reservation area to harvest teas and tribute to the imperial court. 

    According to history, A Prince of the Ming Dynasty fled to YunNan ManSong area after the Qing Dynasty took over China from the Ming Dynasty. After the prince's death, he was buried in the mountain named Prince Mountain at the ManSong area.  The Prince Mountain was named after the prince's death, it is where we discovered the hidden ManSong Old Tea Trees .

    ManSong's tea is always remain like a legend to PUERH TEA DRINKERS,  as not many people have been to the mountain and they never had a chance to try the real ManSong Teas from the origin. 

    Many said that most of the old tea trees from ManSong was destroyed by fire and war. According to rumors, there are not many old tea trees left. But We know there are few local villagers who found the hidden old tea trees deep inside the mountain.

    The old tea trees are hidden deeply in the undiscovered forest. It is very hard to reach to the tea trees and pluck the tea leaves. In  lucky days, the farmer can only pluck less than 2lbs of fresh leaves per day (Usually  it requires 4kg of fresh tea leaves in order to make about 1kg of loose tea leaves). 

    There is a saying "you can afford LaoBanZhang Teas with money, but even with money,  it is hard to find the real ManSong Old Tea Tree "  Therefore, many PuErh tea drinkers dreamed to try this mystical tea. 


    Mr.Hu ( TanLongTea founder) is lucky enough, he followed the brothers who born and raise in ManSong, they brought Mr. Hu to the ancient tea tree forest. According to Mr. Hu , he dig into the secret tea forest by riding Motorcycle for 40 minutes and walking for over 1 hour ! 


    Tea Review Blog Post: 

    26th steep of Man Song from 4pm to 12:30am , once the Imperial Tribute Tea

    Received the once Imperial Tribute tea ,Man Song 2015 spring from my dad by Fedex yesterday. I never tried this tea before, but seems like this is a legendary tea which many dream to try a sip ! I had heard about its legends a long time ago. Last month, my father diged into the ManSong remote mountain by motor cycle! GOT US SOME LONG WAITING TO TRY MAN SONG TEA ! I will write about the history background and the sourcing advanture of the tea in next blog !

    I wanted to post this tea review at 4pm.. But this tea is way too long lasting.. Right now at 12:25am, I am finally at the 22th steep..

    My impression to the first few steep was"wow!thats a lovely colour, never seen a tea in this Yellow green orangeish colour!" Later on, I learn that the soil of this ManSong mountain is very unique !
    So I just keep drinking the tea, without attention to write down my feelings !
    That's why I started to write down my feelings toward it at the 6th steep.

    The Sixth steep, the soup colour did not change much, it still remains rich Green orangish. THIS is my first time seeing a new harvest tea has this deep and rich soup.
    The Funniest thing is, while some new harvest tea liquid gives you immediately after sweetness then disappear, this ManSong tea deliver the after sweetness slowly, and the sweetness is very long lasting, it goes deep inside your throat till the body.

    AT THE seventh steep, the tea soup still looks quit rich, it is like the colour for a 3rd steep of other teas.
    I close my eyes, trying to identify the profile of the tea. I recall mountain spring river and rock !

    My 13th infusion..i try to steep it longer, when I am drinking the tea, I have a feeling of drinking natural spring water in the forest, very fresh, and there is a hint of the wild flower at the after taste .

    Tea leaves !
    Oh ! Inside the clean and organize infused leaves, I think I found a little cute guy !:D two eyes tea leave elf !! Taking a closer look, they are actually the tea flower buds !

    I believe I can still continue steeping for the 14th infusion , so I give it a long steep for 5 mins.
    I think The ManSong tea's taste is very close to the YiWu MaHei Ancient Tea tree teas, very deep in the taste, but the ManSong's soup colour is very special ! Never seen a tea with such green organgish colour. MAYBE it is due to the unique soil of the ManSong mountain, the tea liquid is very rich , it may be contain lots of nutrients and mineral. By looking at the picture of the ManSong mountain, you can see the land is in bright orange, looks very similar to the soil of the Grand Canyon or the Australian Big Rock ( forget the name) , lol those are the only images pop up in my brain

    At the 20th infusion, I completely forgot about it, and left the tea in teabowl for 2 hours ! . Untill after dinner, it was cold already. I drank the tea and it tasted so much like wild mushroom !

    And... I am having my 27th steep ... 12:46am ...still waiting for it to lost all the flavor