PuEr Tea Producer and Wholesale Supplier Based in China

 TanLong Premium Tea
TanLong Tea is dedicated to use the best loose tea leaves to produce the BEST TEA  for consumers

Our tea experts reserve and collect the best loose tea leaves  from YunNan,China, Where is the earliest origin of tea
We access to direct sources from TaiWan all natural tea gardens
We carry 100% Natural, Handcrafted Award Winning Rare Teas
We collect and produce rare hundreds year old wild tea tree Pu'er from YunNan,China
We take wholesale orders for ancient tree Pu'er Teas and process the teas in our YunNan tea factory 
We are headquartered in China. You can find our wholesale location in Toronto, Canada.
Please contact us for any wholesale and manufacture order inquiries: 
Toronto: (647) 962 8321