• Hundred Years Old Ancient Tea Tree PuErh Tea. A Canadian Laboratory Tested Our Hu's Valley Ancient Tree Tea: No Residues of Pesticides

    Explore the mystical Yunnan wild tea forest with us. 泰麟號專營天然古樹茶, 專人產地收採。經加拿大權威農業化驗所測試,無任何化學農殘。

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  • Black tea: packed with benefits, all natural 罕有生態百歲古樹紅茶

    Plucked from high mountains and untouched by pollution 經加拿大權威農業化驗所測試,無任何化學農殘

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  • Handcrafted green tea

    A fragrant, premium tea enjoyed by royalty upon visit to China

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  • Contact Us Anytime! Get to know our teas

    Traditionally Hand picked, Hand Crafted, Natural, Premium Quality Teas from Taiwan and China

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    Find out more about teas of the season, promotions and what's new

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      • Thank you for the kind tea reviews!

        We have really nice and kind tea friends who leave us supportive messages and reviews through out the years. We are so so so HAPPY to hear from you. Your beautiful words are what keeps us on running the tea store ^^ We should save your "letters" for our memory. Thanks...

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        問君何時來,大胡寨中行。- "Asking when was your arrival, walking in the Hu's village tea forest !" Casually walking around  with Mr.Hu the Tea Master. So happy that We saw this old friend while we were collecting tea leaves and branch samples. The old friend told us that his daughter in law has back...

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      • Recapturing the Hamilton Tea Festival 2017

        Steeping the Mandarin PuEr at Hamilton Royal Botanical Garden. So glad to have this opportunity to spread the tea culture and share PuEr with tea friends in Hamilton! Thank you so much for the KIND feedbacks from new tea friends and the return customers. Good to see you coming back...

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    Our collections are made of 100% natural, premium quality teas from Taiwan and China. These leaves are hand-picked and hand-crafted using only traditional methods. Discover today the magnificent effect on health that enjoying tea brings!