• Hundred Years Old Ancient Tea Tree PuErh Tea. A Canadian Laboratory Tested Our Hu's Valley Ancient Tree Tea: No Residues of Pesticides

    Explore the mystical Yunnan wild tea forest with us. 泰麟號專營天然古樹茶, 專人產地收採。經加拿大權威農業化驗所測試,無任何化學農殘。

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  • Handcrafted green tea

    A fragrant, premium tea enjoyed by royalty upon visit to China

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    Traditionally Hand picked, Hand Crafted, Natural, Premium Quality Teas from Taiwan and China

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      • Our Tea: Teas Crafted by Nationally Recognized Award Winning Tea Masters and Professors

        我们的茶叶大多数来自國家級資深得獎製茶師製作。  國家級得奖製茶師製作名茶系列: 專注製作百年古樹茶: 雲南古茶山產地製作直送 華南農業大學茶学院專家監製,得獎茶園: 英紅九號有機紅茶。 鳳凰單欉。 We're proud to source most of our exceptional teas from nationally-certified award winning tea masters and tea factory. This esteemed group crafts our renowned Yunnan Centennial Ancient Tree Old Tea, the aromatic Yinghong No. 9 Organic Black Tea, and the delicate Phoenix Dancong. Supervised...

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      • Mastering the Art: Celebrating Mr. HU's Journey as a Distinguished Tea Master

        Congratulations to Mr. HU for his well-deserved recognition as a distinguished tea master and tea producer. His dedication and skill in tea culture have made him a global ambassador, elevating the art of tea-making and fostering deeper appreciation for its cultural significance. Here's to Mr. HU's continued success in inspiring...

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      • Best of the Phoenix DanCong

        Wudong Single Bush tea, it is one kind of Phoenix DanCong Oolong.  It stands out among Phoenix oolong as a premium graded tea. Phoenix oolong is a premier oolong from Guangdong, boasts a 900+ year history and is cherished among top Chinese oolongs. Recognized for robust leaves, a floral aroma,...

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    Our collections are made of 100% natural, premium quality teas from Taiwan and China. These leaves are hand-picked and hand-crafted using only traditional methods. Discover today the magnificent effect on health that enjoying tea brings!