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    Plucked from high mountains and untouched by pollution 經加拿大權威農業化驗所測試,無任何化學農殘

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    A fragrant, premium tea enjoyed by royalty upon visit to China

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      • ManSong is here, from the Ancient Imperial tea mountain

        眾多茶人想藏的名茶,因直接上山製作,確定來源真實,採茶過程艱辛,數量極少。珍惜 爸爸今年的曼松古茶山。 茶季預訂開始了。(到達多倫多了)曼松茶,从明朝开始就是皇家贡茶,在漫长的历史長河中沉澱,經歷著百年的滄桑。。 曼松茶山,地理位置为北纬22.1度,东经度101.6,周边面积为70平方公里,种茶区域平均海拔高度为850至950米,常年平均气温在15至30度之间,昼夜温差明显,土质为褐红色,pH值(待测试)曼松茶的产区为王子山和背阴山。我们可以从王子山的命名印证曼松贡茶的历史。据说明朝未年(1644年前后),南明王溃败至云南,南明王子投靠了倚邦乡负责贡茶收采的头人,头人与王子举家迁到曼松茶区。后王子因怪病去逝。头人就把王子埋在山上,此山从此叫“王子山”。现山上还有王子墓塚。一泡刚刚下山的早春曼松,既有高端绿茶的鲜爽,更富含大自然百花的香气。清新、自然、柔顺……韵味悠长。 品味眼前的曼松茶,遥想史诗般的曼松茶历史: 曼松茶,从明朝开始就是皇家贡茶,漫长的历史上,流传着许多辛酸和血泪……曼松茶,独特的地理位置、生态环境、橙红的风化岩土壤,孕育个性特强的品质。曼松茶,可以说是普洱茶的“皇上皇”!  

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      • Thank you for the kind tea reviews!

        We have really nice and kind tea friends who leave us supportive messages and reviews through out the years. We are so so so HAPPY to hear from you. Your beautiful words are what keeps us on running the tea store ^^ We should save your "letters" for our memory. Thanks...

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        問君何時來,大胡寨中行。- "Asking when was your arrival, walking in the Hu's village tea forest !" Casually walking around  with Mr.Hu the Tea Master. So happy that We saw this old friend while we were collecting tea leaves and branch samples. The old friend told us that his daughter in law has back...

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