• Orange Pekoe Wild YunNan Old Tea Tree Black Tea(滇紅工夫茶) All Natural Tea


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  • Description

    This tea is from a small tea family, this family live off tea production in poor and remote parts of Yunnan, and it takes 5 hours of driving on mountain roads to reach them. 

    Even though it is a tough trip to see them and source the tea, we have been working together for many years, from building the processing house for them to distribute the tea to rest of the world. 


    This Black Tea contains extraordinary floral aromatic scent. The Tea leaves are collected from tea trees which are over 50 years old, growing wildly in the mountains located 1000 meters above sea level.  

    This Yunnan black tea's liquor is bright in amber colour, exhibits a floral scent and sweet chestnut taste.

    Cheaper varieties of black tea produce a darker liquor and can be very bitter.This black tea is made of the old big leaf tea trees, which contain richer content of polyphenol, contributes to the strong aromatic taste. It doesn't turn bitter even after a long steep.

    天然生長在雲南小數民族培植的生態茶園。每年春天,茶農們採集最好的原料製作此茶,產量極少。 此茶非常耐泡,帶香濃烤粟子香。



    How to prepare

    • Quantity

      1/3 gaiwan, 5g-7g
      Water volume: 150ml to 250ml

    • Temperature

      or 95ºC, near boiling

    • Steeping Time

      15 secs;
      add 5 secs to subsequent infusions

    Tea Reviews:

    •  Tea DB's Review on this Tea:

    "First sip of the first steep and omg that is good, like really good. The tea has a heaviness to it I was not expecting from a first steep, thick in mouthfeel and taste. It starts with a blend of malt and tobacco that quickly transitions to sweet dried cherries and dark chocolate, it is pleasantly rich, though not overly sweet at first, but as the flavor builds so does the creamy sweetness. The finish is delicate flowery notes who linger with a slight cooling effect." - Amanda Wilson



    • Gabriela  Prieto (Teascopia Tea Sommelier and Tea Blogger) :

    "Long and twisted dark brown leaves with abundant golden tips. I love the aroma of the leaves of chocolate, cocoa and spices that you can also smell on the dry leaves. amazing bright golden brown liquor with clear notes of dark chocolate from beginning to end. Also a bit salty with a very slight aftertaste of toasted nuts. pungent and rich "



  • YunNan Old Tree Golden Heaven Black Tea
  • Orange Pekoe Wild YunNan Old Tea Tree Black Tea(滇紅工夫茶)  All Natural Tea
  • Orange Pekoe Wild YunNan Old Tea Tree Black Tea(滇紅工夫茶)  All Natural Tea

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