• 2015 YiWu Mountain gift tin 50g

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    This tea is made by Master Hu, who holds a Chinese nationally recognized tea master certification for tea production. He has selected the best old tea tree leaves to create this beautiful Yiwu tea.

    The old tea trees grow in unpolluted mountains where they can absorb a greater amount of nutrients from the soil, resulting in the tea containing a higher concentration of nutrients.

    Old tea tree teas also offer a complex taste and flavor profile, and they can be brewed multiple times compared to commercially grown teas. Your tea purchase is an investment that will provide enjoyment for a significant period.

    Yiwu mountain:

    Historically, Yiwu was renowned as the center of distribution for tribute tea sent to the emperor in ancient times. It is the most famous tea mountain in Yunnan, China. People say Yiwu represents Yunnan PuEr Tea.

    Characteristics of taste:

    Yiwu is known for its distinctively soft and less overpowering base, accompanied by a lingering sweet aftertaste, setting it apart from other Puer regions.


    Story behind this tea:

    On September 22, 2014, we traveled a total of 4 hours by car from Puer City to YiWu. We were accompanied by Mr. Hu, the tea master from TanLong Tea. YiWu Mountain is the birthplace of the Tea Horse Ancient Road in the Pu'er tea region, and despite the long journey, I had finally arrived. I traveled over 20 hours from Canada, taking 3 planes just for this tea trip!

    After a 4-hour drive from MengHai, we finally arrived at YiWu Mountain, specifically MaHei Tea Village. MaHei Village is one of the oldest tea villages and represents the unique characteristics of YiWu region teas. Yiwu Mountain is one of the six famous ancient tea mountains and serves as the starting point of the southern Tea Horse Ancient Road. During our time in Yiwu, we met many compassionate locals and adorable children.

    Yiwu's MaHei Village is surrounded by huge mountains and is covered by clouds and mist all year long. According to my dear village friend, Little.Zi, MaHei Village has a population of 180 people, mostly from the Han ethnic group. The tea from MaHei is the most representative of YiWu Mountain teas. The name "MaHei" originated from the ancient horse caravan that rushed from Puer City to YiWu. They arrived in MaHei Village just as it was getting dark, hence the name "MaHei."