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    This tea is made by Master Hu, who holds a Chinese national recognized tea master certification for tea production. He selected the best old tea tree leaves to create this beautiful Yiwu tea. 

    The old tea trees grow in unpolluted mountains where they can absorb much more nutrients from the soil, thus the tea contains a lot more nutrients.

    Old tea tree teas also have complex taste and flavor, and they can be brewed many more times than commercially grown teas. Your tea purchase is an investment that will last you for a good long time.

    Yi Wu mountain:  Historically, Yiwu is famous for being the center of distribution for tribute tea to be sent to the emperor in ancient times. It is the most famous tea mountain in YunNan China. people said YiWu represents YunNan PuEr Tea. 

    Characteristic Taste: Yiwu is known for a distinctive softer, less punchy base with a long-lasting sweet aftertaste when compared with other Puer regions.

    Blog post:

    今天拿出來喝2015 年 易武山百年古樹.
    On 2014 Sep 22, We traveled Total 4 hours of driving from Puer city to YiWu mountain.
    Travel with TanLong Tea / Ancient Tea Tree Teas
    I Traveled over 20 hours from Canada, took 3 planes !! just for this tea trip !
    After 4 hours of driving from MengHai , we are finally arrived YiWu mountain, MaHei tea village.
    MA hei village's is one of the oldest tea villages which can represent the characteristic of YiWu region teas !
    Yiwu mountain, one of the of ancient famouse 6 tea mountains. The starting point of the southern ancient horse tea road.
    In Yiwu, we met lots of compassionate native people and cute little kids.

    Yiwu's _Ma Hei village is surrounding by huge mountains, cover by clouds and mist all year long.
    The name Ma Hei means Dark, it was named by the Horse Troup, when they arrived Yiwu from Puer city. It was evening, so they call this village Dark (MaHei)

    According to my dear village friend Little.Zi :
    麻黑村,population of MaHei village 180人
    漢族為主. HAN chinese
    麻黑的名字來自 古代馬幫,古時馬幫從普洱市趕來,到達麻黑剛好天黑,所以改其名 麻黑