• Highest Grade: Old Tea Tree Silver Needle, High Mountain Tea 國色天香古樹銀芽


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  • Description

    Special type of white tea which was newly created by a Taiwanese farmer in YunNan. This tea was made with leaves from the big old tea trees which over 50 years old found only in YunNan. Resources indicate the fresh tea leaves of this tea are withered in the moonlight at mid-night, it is not allow to expose to sunlight.That's why the tea leaves look like the colour of the moon. 

    This tea has a sweet taste like regular white tea, and the fragrance is very similar to black tea. Some said it tastes very similar to the first flush of Darjeeling, except this tea has stronger woody notes because the tea leaves are pluck from very old tea trees.  

    Highest grade and most expensive type of tea 


    Tea buds, also called tips or needles, are the youngest part of the tea plant and are bursting with goodness. On the other hand, they also happen to be tiny AND super time-consuming to pick: you need thousands and thousands of buds to make just one kilo of Silver Needle. 

    This bud-only pick is why Silver Needle is so expensive, and also less common than other white teas. In most cases, it’s not worth it to pick just these tiny little buds alone. 

    But something interesting happens when you use just the buds, Remember that the buds are the smallest, most precious part of the tea plant (since they’ll later grow up to be bigger leaves).

    So tea bushes put in TONS of effort into producing these buds AND protecting them from cold, stress, and pests. As a result they contain the highest levels of the good stuff in tea: caffeine, theanine, and polyphenols

    Source from : https://www.teacurious.com/guide-silver-needle



    • May help weight reduction
    • Rich in Theanine 

    "L-theanine (sometimes called just theanine) has been widely studied for its positive effects on the nervous system. It has the unique ability to increase attention and simultaneously calm you without making you feel drowsy.  It works synergistically with caffeine to boost mood, focus and alertness. "

    Which tea contains more L-theanine? 

    According to  Dr. David Blyweiss, tea promotes relaxation and improved mental focus. In a 2009 study at Anhui Agricultural University in China, published in the "Journal of Food Composition and Analysis," researchers found the most L-theanine in White and Green teas. 

    • May improve digestion 
    • Anti-oxidation
    • May help promote healthy skin, rich in antioxidants 

    How to prepare

    • Quantity

      1/3 gaiwan, 5g-7g or less
      Water volume: 150ml to 250ml

    • Temperature


    • Steeping Time

      After rinsing, infuse 30-60 secs;
      add 5 secs to subsequent infusions




    沖泡方法:熱水洗茶后,第一泡水不要, 泡30秒-1分鐘可喝

  • Highest Grade: Old Tea Tree Silver Needle, High Mountain Tea  國色天香古樹銀芽
  • Highest Grade: Old Tea Tree Silver Needle, High Mountain Tea  國色天香古樹銀芽

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