• Sacred Hundred Years Tea Buds (神聖古芽) 50g


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    上古時代的古樹茶芽...一次與大自然接觸的難忘旅程...探索無人踏足的原始森林   雲南千年古樹的神聖國度

    These extremely rare buds grow on the Ancient Tea Tree that is over a hundred year old.
    This treasure can only be found in Yunnan's ancient forest.
    Tea buds were collected by local ethnics with great respect to nature.
    The picture on the right hand side shows the 1000 year old Ancient Tea Tree in the primeval forest, and the tea buds are collected from this venerable giant's posterity which on the same mountain ...
    If you ever feel like exploring the ancient forest of Yunnan, our Primeval Tea Buds can bring you to this 2000 meters latitude primordial mountain. Up till today... No one knows who planted the tree in the tall old growth forest thousand years ago... 


    The tea buds should be boiled in hot water over 100°C in order to release the flavor. You can also use hot water to steep it for 3 minutes in the first few infusions.


    Yunnan tea farmers will cook the tea buds with food after many infusions.

    How to prepare

    • Quantity

      1/2 gaiwan, 5g-7g
      Water volume: 150ml to 250ml

    • Temperature


    • Steeping Time

      3-5 min;
      add 30 secs to subsequent infusions


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  • Sacred Hundred Years Tea Buds
  • Sacred Hundred Years Tea Tree
  • Sacred Hundred Years Tea Tree

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