• The Home for Butterflies-LanCang Rier Basin- XiGui ManLu Mountain Ancient Tea Tree 2013 昔歸古樹


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    Xi Gui Ancient Tree Puer Tea is considered to be one of the best teas from LinCang region. Some people call it LinCang's LaoBan Zhang. 
    The process of production is very limited every year, especially when most of the XiGui teas are reserved by private tea collectors.
    XiGui Ancient Tea Trees grow on the Man Lu mountain, also famous for Mango trees. Tea trees grow under the shadings of Mango Trees. The famous LanCang river is just right beside the Man Lu mountain.

    Along the LanCang River Basin, it is a haven for butterflies. Since the ancient tea trees on the ManLu mountain are pesticide free, you can see butterflies flying between the majestic tea trees.
    XiGui tea has the special characteristic of LinCang region.The taste and aroma are very long lasting; the leaves are long and thick with a floral aroma. The tea is not only soothing but also slightly sweet hint of honey. Some may say it is very similar to the famous BingDao Teas.

    Therefore, tea lovers would recognize LaoBan Zhang as the King of PuEr Tea; BingDao as it's Queen. XiGui as the Prince of PuEr Tea.

    Latitude: 750 above sea level
    Age of tea trees: 100-600 years old
    Region: BangDong(Eastern), LinCang, YunNan, besides the LanCang River

    Blog on 2014 Tea Trip to XiGui Village
    Xi gui of the ManLu Deer mountain, where butterflies call its home. Ancient tea trees grow freely and wildly in the mountain along the LanCang River.
    The temperature was 35C when we got there at 2pm, tea Cultivators were still at work, they climb big ancient tea trees to pluck leaves.Using tree branches as ladders. At the mountain village entrance, tea cultivators set roadblock. Reasons to be revealed at the end of the article.

    Every time I visit the tea mountain and see how hard the tea cultivators spent time to pick and pluck leaves; It was then I began to really appreciate the value of ancient tea trees . The tea leaves are all nature's treasures which are very rare!

    Question: Why are there road blocks at the entrance to the tea mountain?
    Tea Cultivators from Xi Gui aim to prevent people bring teas from other tea mountain to Xi Gui mountain . All hopes to protect their tea's authenticity.