• Our Tea: Teas Crafted by Nationally Recognized Award Winning Tea Masters and Professors



    專注製作百年古樹茶: 雲南古茶山產地製作直送

    華南農業大學茶学院專家監製,得獎茶園: 英紅九號有機紅茶。


    We're proud to source most of our exceptional teas from nationally-certified award winning tea masters and tea factory. This esteemed group crafts our renowned Yunnan Centennial Ancient Tree Old Tea, the aromatic Yinghong No. 9 Organic Black Tea, and the delicate Phoenix Dancong. Supervised by master professors from the Tea Research Department of South China Agricultural University, our Red No. 9 Organic Black Tea stands as a testament to their dedication and expertise. Join us in experiencing the tradition and excellence in every sip of our teas.


    Professors and Tea Maters in Universities:



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