• Year of 2005 Ancient Queen of Tea Trees Bing Dao (冰島皇后) 357g, 600cups+

    TanLong Ancient Tea collection

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  • Description

    These tea leaves are collected from the Iceland Village in the Great Snow Mountain area. The village is located at the top of the mountain, 2000 meters above sea level. The reason why it's called the Iceland Village is because it looks like an island surrounded by snow during the winter. The village was one of the most famous ancient tea production villages. The oldest tea tree in the Iceland Village is over 500 years old. Most of the tea trees from that area are originated from the mother tea trees from the iceland village. The historical record indicates the village started planting big leaf tea trees earlier than the Ming Dynasty (year :1485).  

    This Pu'er cake tea was made by the local ethnic tea master, with the tea leafs from the early spring harvest of 2009 and the bigger tea cake is from 2005 (not for retail selling). The leafs are strong and thick, silver needle leafs can be found throughout in the cake. The liquor is a bright like yellow gold, scent is like orchid. After a sip, the taste of the nature is irresistible, with a strong feeling of energy from the nature. 

    The Iceland queen of tea tree is a valuable collection piece, the value is increasing year by year as the ancient tea trees only provide limited leaf harvesting. She is the best of them all!


    This Mother Tea Tree Tea is expected to be served in the traditional Chinese KongFu tea style. The ideal water temperature for brewing should be around 95 degree celsius. Use a tea knife or letter opener to pry 7-8 grams of tea  from the cake horizontally in order  to prevent leaf breakage in preparation. The scent of the tea will be last in the body for a while, and  the tea can yield over 10 infusions.  The steep time is recommended for 10-20 seconds during the first few infusions.  


    Don't throw away the valuable leaves! Instead, the used leaves can be grinded and applied as a herbal facial mask for better skin.

    How to prepare

    • Quantity

      1/3 gaiwan, 5g-7g
      Water volume: 150ml to 250ml

    • Temperature


    • Steeping Time

      After rinsing, infuse 10-15 secs;
      add 5 secs to subsequent infusions


    • May help weight reduction
    • May improve digestion 
    • Anti-oxidation
    • May help lowering blood pressure and blood sugar

    How to Loosen and Break the Pu Erh Cake Tea

    When you find a good place to start your prying, insert your tea needle or letter opener into the cake Pu-erh cake tea and shake your hand to loosen the cake up for the first time.

    Cake Shape Pu-erh and some of the harder Pu-erh tea bricks are extremely compressed and very tightly compacted, so you may have to be patient yet persistent in loosening your cake Pu-erh so that you can brew a better cup of tea.







  • Year of 2005 Ancient Queen of Tea Trees Bing Dao
  • Year of 2005 Ancient Queen of Tea Trees Bing Dao
  • Year of 2005 Ancient Queen of Tea Trees Bing Dao

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