• 茶人的雅致生活 第二章 Tea Master's lives of Tea volume.2

    一年一度的搶古樹茶季開始啦! 小寶寶跟大老闆們去收茶~笑 ~下一站西雙版納, 老班章

    March , The puer raw leaf purchasing fight starts ! My Baby girl is on the plane to order Spring ancient tree Puer Teas.. READY FOR DEPARTURE! Next stop  BanZhang, XiShuang BanNa




    每年2,3月是茶季的開端, 準備好,登上飛機 採茶去.


    老班章爭奪戰揭開帷幕了!你準備好觀戰未? 刺激。今年會突破3萬 一公斤的關口 嗎? 其實3萬也不太貴。 算起來 也不過$3加幣 一杯。 比 星巴克的咖啡便宜。 不過茶能更好的平衡人身體的陰陽 。尤其是無污染的人手採集古樹茶,對身體更好。



    Will the Puer ancient tree leaves price rise over expectation to RMB $30000 per kg ?
    After we did a calculation; in fact, the price is not that crazy...
    at lease it is just less than $3 per cup of tea ..

    well it is still cheaper than a cup of retail coffee expresso

    But tea is the healthier choice , which might help balancing your Yin and Yang in the body


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