• How To Pluck Tea Leaves on the Tall Ancient Trees 如何採摘古樹茶

    茶農生活比較簡樸,他們靠養牛豬和採茶過活。 沒有多餘的錢買肥料,而且茶樹生長環境很好,根本不需要農藥, 茶農就用牲畜的天然肥料幫助茶樹生長
    以下圖片就是人手採摘的春茶,帶有 “蒂口”
    Now days, most of the teas are producing in mass production. The use machine to cut the tea leafs in order to boost up the revenue.
    Our ancient tree teas are 100% hand pluck and 100% natural without pesticide and chemical fertilizers.
    What does Hand Pluck Leafs look like? How to distinguish the difference between hand plucked leaves and machine cut leaves? 
    Hand pluck leaves' cut are uneven. By looking at this leaf, we know this is a tea leaf plucked in the spring, because the "round" head on the leaf bottom. 
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