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    A little introduction about Gabriela. Gabriela is a tea Sommelier from Spain, she educates the public about teas.
    We are very grateful that she put her time trying our teas, giving us a wonderful tasting review with descriptive tasting notes!
    Please visit her tea photography gallery:

    TanLong Tea Review


    The global tea community is huge and diverse but more than anything, it is very friendly and supportive. Everybody seems to be moved and inspired by tea in any form and it feels like a stockmarket where everyone is constantly exchanging information, ideas, products, samples, reposting pictures, blog posts, promotions and it is truly amazing and fun!

    In this context I met Vicky. Her father Mr.Hu and her grandmother are the owners of TanLong Tea, a family tea business headquartered in China that she supports and manages from Toronto, Canada where she currently lives. After seeing a picture of a Golden Monkey tea on my instagram, we got in touch through email and agreed for her to send me some tea samples to review on my blog. Since then we are somehow always in touch.


    In her message she told me a bit of the story behind TanLong Tea and also commented that: “all of the PuEr teas and YunNan fine black teas we carry are selected and produced by my father, who is a Ministry of Labor certified Tea Master in China. He stays in Yunnan and Canton province to source tea and supply teas to stores over China”. She also added that they work along with the tea farmers and their communities to improve the lives in the remote mountains and to promote their teas worldwide.

    Few weeks ago Vicky shared the good news that the Company has received their testing report on pesticides from an Agriculture and Food Laboratory in Canada for the Hu’s Ancient Tea Tree Puerh and they found no pesticides and fertilizers chemicals in the tea so, congratulations on that achievement as well.

    I had great expectations about this tasting as it is not that usual to have the chance to get in touch directly with the tea producers, without intermediaries, so I was looking forward to trying all the teas. It truly  fascinates me and makes me think about the remote areas where these ancient tea trees grow, all the production process it requires and the incredible craftsmanship there is behind each cup of tea.

    Let’s taste in a thoughtful way…!

    TanLong Tea Teascopia

    Thank you TanLong Tea and specially Vicky for getting in touch and sharing your tea with me. I am always in the hunt for new teas, providers and farmers and TanLong teas has been a great discovery.

    I wholeheartedly wish you all the best!



    About Gabriela Prieto :

    As soon as I discovered the world of tea it instantly turned into a great passion of mine. I had always been a tea enthusiast but it was in 2011 when I became a Tea Sommelier, that I found a new professional career and an inspiration. Teascopia is everything that inspires me about tea, my personal world around it. I hope you can be inspired too!

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