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  • Fresh Spring Green Tea Harvest Just Arrived!

    Tea is usually harvested once a year in the spring, and like most agricultural products it has shelf-life. I would like to think that green tea's life cycle is 8-10 months from it's harvest, but I know for a fact that most green tea on the shelves in stores is much older than this. For some teas age doesn't matter much, and in some rare cases like an aged oolong or pu'er, the older the tea is the better, provided it is stored properly.

    When it comes to green tea though, freshness really matters. Green tea is a very delicate tea, and age weighs heavily on it's flavor and fragrance and nutritional value. 

    How can you tell how fresh green tea is? Unless you are a highly trained master tea expert you probably won't be able to tell how old it is by looking at or smelling it. So you best bet is to  try asking at the place where you are buying your tea which season's harvest the tea belongs to. If there not able to tell you, chances are it might be older than you think.

    Our high-mountain spring oolong is a fresh green tea that was just harvested this spring. If you like good tea, and value traditional growing practices, you own it to yourself to try a fresh spring tea that still carries the essence of the sweet dew from high up in the mountains of Taiwan.

    If you have any questions please come to our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TanLongTea! Please also remember to visit our website at www.TanLongTea.com! 


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