• Pu'er Tea prices on a rise again this spring 2013


    Newest Pu'er tea market price since Yesterday March 26, 2013 !

    BanZhang : $3200kg-$4500kg ( $500 US-$800 USD),
    BingDao Iceland :$4500kg-$5000kg,
    XiGui: $2600kg-$3200kg,
    GwaFengZai: $1600kg-$1800kg,
     JingMai: $600kg-$900kg.

    Those are the price in Chinese dollar, currency : $1CAD= $6 chinese dollar

    Can't believe BingDao's price has been up so much, and  bidding BanZhang ! 


    LOTs of tea collectors went to the tea mountains this spring, they are come back with full stomach of YunNan food, but not tea. Guess why ? 




    "喝茶不是喝錢啊! 古普洱茶業簡訊:截止昨天各山頭大概價格:老班章3200一4500元,冰島4500一5000元,昔歸2600一3200元,刮風寨1600一1800元,景邁600一900元,曼松1200元一8000元,單位(每公斤),總結如下:錢多老班章,古茶肯定香、大款喝曼松,一身都輕鬆、錢少去冰島,去了也白跑、易武寨刮風,金卡必刷空、無奈上景邁、家家混著賣、最後下昔歸,空手把家歸。祝大家在新六大茶山吃好(土雞)、喝好(包穀酒),愉快的渡過茶山之旅!"


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