• 你知道嗎?Good teas taste similar to the sweetness of chicken soup ?! and They are Anti-Anxiety?

    When we are tasting good quality Green Teas and White Teas, I usually explain to our tea friends about the good tea tastes sweet and it is very similar to the sweetness of chicken soup. Everyone seems surprise by this comment. Here is the scientific explanation: 

    Sweet flavor in meat is derived from sugars, amino acids and organic acids. 

    On the other hand, tea also has an unique amino acid called Theanine!

    Theanine is an unique amino acid found almost solely in tea plants, and it is a major component which contribute to the sweetness of tea! 

    SO, it makes sense now? 

    Despite the contribution to the good taste of tea, Theanine is really good for us too. 

    HOW ? 

    "L-theanine (sometimes called just theanine) has been widely studied for its positive effects on the nervous system. It has the unique ability to increase attention and simultaneously calm you without making you feel drowsy. (16) It works synergistically with caffeine to boost mood, focus and alertness. (17, 18)"

    Which tea contains more L-theanine? 

    According to  Dr. David Blyweiss, tea promotes relaxation and improved mental focus. In a 2009 study at Anhui Agricultural University in China, published in the "Journal of Food Composition and Analysis," researchers found the most L-theanine in white and green teas. 

    What is White Tea?

    White tea is the less processed tea. 

    Our white tea is plucked from old tea trees, which contains more nutrients. Usually the good teas have one tea bud and two young leaves. After many hours of hard works to pluck the tea leaves by hand. We will wither or dry the tea leaves by air, then we will place the tea under the sun light and moon light for days to conduct the most important "Natural Drying Procedure". 

    After all, you’re left with white tea.

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    A Natural Nutrient, the better way for consuming L-theanine : 

    At 2005, A medical doctor indicates, 

    "For the calming and relaxing benefits of L-theanine, I recommend drinking green tea in moderation rather than taking a supplement. If you find the tea too stimulating, look for a decaffeinated form."





    很多茶友問我為什麼綠茶這麼鮮甜,我跟他們說有點像雞湯的鮮甜味道 。
    其實 。。


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