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  • Thank you for the kind tea reviews!

    We have really nice and kind tea friends who leave us supportive messages and reviews throughout the years. We are so HAPPY to hear from you. Your beautiful words are what keep us running the tea store. We should save your "letters" for our memory.

    Thanks to Claire's kind words about our product:

    • Product: https://www.tanlongtea.com/collections/our-teas-puer/products/ancient-tea-tree-puer-200-year-old-tea-trees
    • Thanks Dr. David H for the kind feedback on our Wild Old Tree PuEr:
    “You sent me a sample of a “super old wild tea tree 2013 pure”… its really amazing!!! ”
    link for the tea: click here
    ~from Super Old Tea Trees~2010 Wild Hundreds Year Old Tea Tree Puerh from MengKu Snow Mountain  (大胡寨古樹茶) 50g, 60cups+
    • Thanks Ms Koh for the kind review!
    "I was always wondering how it would taste. Incidentally, the 'old tree fermented pu erh' that I purchase earlier, I found it so-so when I first try it. But the second time I made it, it was amazingly good. Glad you recommended it. I quite like the loccainte products, so thought I share some with you."
    link for the tea: click here
    more reviews to BE uploaded....
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