• Orange Pekoe Tea Bag Teas are actually not real Orange Pekoe?


    Did you know that Orange Pekoe is actually not a type of tea with orange flavor ?
    It is one of the terms  use for identify quality of black teas.
     Pekoe is translated from CHINESE pronunciation of Bai Hao ( Pekoe) 白毫 ..

    Basically the tea bags people drink everyday ARE NOT the grade of Orange Pekoe. 
    Pekoe is among the best grades of  TEA leaves, which is "a bud and two leaves".  The highest grade of black tea leaf is called the  Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe.
    how does it look like :

    Then what is the grade of the tea bag teas? What's inside them ?
     Most of them are from Fanning or TEA DUST.  Fanning are the rejects (leftovers) of the manufacturing process in making high quality orange pekoe .

    人們現今喝的袋泡茶裡面,有一種很受歡迎的茶包叫Orange Pekoe,很多人以為這個茶有橙味。 其實 Orange Pekoe 是紅茶裡級數第二的 一芽兩葉, 再上一級 就是毛尖了。
    那袋泡茶裡面的是甚麼東東呢。 那叫做Fanning 或者tea dust , 是茶葉的殘餘碎片。 就是。。。塵埃。。。 笑 X


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