• Yes ! You Can Help Stop Poverty with Us Through Tea Trading 你也能與我們一起幫助貧困山區的茶農

    Most of our Ancient Tee Tree Teas are from the remote region of YunNan, where is the origin of tea in the world. The oldest wild  tea trees which over 1500 years old are found in YunNan's primeval forests.


    YunNan is surrounding by high altitude mountains which isolated the region from modern pollution. Unpolluted environment  in YunNan provides ideal growing conditions for fine teas. 

    Our signature Ancient Tree Teas are growing on the mountains over 3000 meters above sea level. High altitude areas are optimal for tea cultivation and natural drainage. 


    However, YunNan is still one of the poorest provinces in China. Therefore, one of our missions is  to help tea farmers in YunNan walk out from poverty through tea trade.  


    Chemical Pesticide and Fertilizer FREE

    Our Teas are grown in pure soils untouched by chemical pesticides or fertilizers. In addition, some local farmers are living in poverty, they have just enough money spend on food. They don't even have the extra money to purchase chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Local tea farmers usually raise livestock and pluck tea leaves  to support the whole family. For Tea Farmers who own Tea Trees on mountain backyards,  they usually use  organic fertilizers from their livestock to fertilize the tea trees.



     茶農生活比較簡樸,他們靠養牛豬和採茶過活。 沒有多餘的錢買肥料,而且茶樹生長環境很好,根本不需要農藥, 茶農就用牲畜的天然肥料幫助茶樹生長。 他們還具備生態肥料屋子呢。


    There are also some local tea farmers pluck  wild tea leaves from deep mountain forests, they take hours to climb into  deep mountain forest to find wild tea trees and they will spend a whole day in the forest. It is a very dangerous job, especially during the rainy spring season.  Landslides happen frequently in YunNan remote mountains.



    Tea farmer representatives then collect the fresh raw tea leaves from tea farmers, small tea farmers get pay according to the weight of tea leaves they plucked.  Representatives will fry the fresh leaves in small  tea workshops and put it under the sun for the drying process. Most of the workshops are owned by local farmers and some workshops are operate by  female tea entrepreneurs. 


     Picture below : Sun Drying process for Ancient Tree Teas and the female tea entrepreneur Mrs.Li  in her workshop. We purchase our Ancient Tree Golden Needle black tea from their family every year. It takes 5  hours of driving on mountain roads to arrive her home. 我們每年都幫她們收購大批品質優良的古樹金芽紅茶,去她們深山的家購茶要在陡峭的山路開車5個小時才能到達



    TanLong Tea's HengFungXiang Tea Factory collect processed raw teas from tea representative, and package the teas before delivering to consumers. Like fine wine, our Ancient Tea Tree Teas are limited in quantity and provide delightful, subtle variations from season to season.


    古樹茶加工壓餅,人手竹葉包裝, 石墨古法傳統做茶法 Traditional way of rock press and bamboo tea package



    The 1) Picture above is the fermentation process for Fermented Puer Tea


    There is  a proverb, "the ocean contains hundreds of different rivers" This is how our mind is !


    Same as the tea market, we collect fresh tea leaves from tea farmers in the remote mountain regions. So they can build homes and schools for children.


    Last year, Mr Li said good bye to us emotionally. Their family benefited so much from fair tea trade with us. This year,  they start building new roads for the village, buying transportation tools and building new house with electricity and hot water.



    Then, we provide the best teas to wholesalers, so they can bring the teas to new market places where didn't have good teas. 

    As a result, consumers from the new markets are able to enjoy these high quality teas and their quality of lives are improved.

    Farmers in YunNan remote areas are also improving their lives, we hope together, we will help more tea farmers walk out from poverty! 

    People in the pictures below are carrying small fabric bags, they work in the tea mountain for the whole day and then they put the fresh tea leaves in these fabric bags.  Some tea farmers deliver teas on donkey back. 


    有一句話叫 海能容納百川,這也是我們的胸懷。

    看到了嗎: 圖片中了人民都帶著一個小包,裡面裝的就是茶葉。

    茶道也同樣,從茶園開始到零售,這個市場裡包容我們,我們相互依靠包容。我們幫山區茶農拿鮮葉加工,使他們能改善生活,建設學校. 然後把茶交到批發商處,讓他們能把好茶帶到沒有茶的地區,充裕了人們的生活


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