• Fresh Spring Green Tea Harvest Just Arrived!

    Tea is usually harvested once a year in the spring, and like most agricultural products it has shelf-life. I would like to think that green tea's life cycle is 8-10 months from it's harvest, but I know for a fact that most green tea on the shelves in stores is much older than this. For some teas age doesn't matter much, and in some rare cases like an aged oolong or pu'er, the older the tea is the better, provided it is stored properly. When it comes to green tea though, freshness really matters. Green tea is a very delicate...

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  • Have you ever had freshly picked?

    For the last two years the tea farm in Taiwan were we get our high mountain oolong did not harvest for sustainability best practices. Friday we received our shipment of the fresh spring harvest. The tea from this harvest taste really great. It's been a long wait but well worth it. Of course this tea is very limited. We only received 20, 150g packages and already sold 3 of them. If you love fresh, hand crafted traditional high mountain oolong you will appreciate this high quality tea.   If you have any questions please come to our facebook page at

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  • China's Tea Culture - The Epoch Times

    I really liked the part in this article about the first ancient Chinese medical doctor who had a transparent belly and could see the cleansing effect the tea leafs where having inside his stomach. This story provided me with some deeper insight into why I sometimes felt like tea was a detergent that cleanses the mouth, throat, and stomach. Sometimes after I ate fast food my body would feel like having some tea, sort of like it was craving something to neutralize the preservatives, wash out any chemicals and break down the greasy fats etc.  I highly recommend this article,...

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